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Cardinal Fastener Inc. is one of the largest fastener manufacturers of large diameter, hot forged bolts in America. Our products, which are manufactured in various head styles and diameters up to 3” or M72, can be seen on our innovative Birdie Chart.

Short Lead Times, Unsurpassed Quality
Cardinal prides itself on having the shortest lead times (as fast as same day) of any manufacturer in the world. Our unsurpassed quality is matched by the lowest manufacturing cost of any hot forger in North America. That’s how we became one of the first fastener manufacturers in the world to receive ISO 9001:2008 certification.

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Cardinal Fastener is Your Source for Large Diameter and Long Length Specials

Your Source For Hot Forged Fasteners and Specialty Products...

Cardinal Fastener Hosts Fastener Training Institute

Cardinal hosts a plant tour on July 29th for students attending the Fastener Training Institute’s “Fastener Training Week”...

Cardinal Fastener Inc. offers exceptional turn-around with our huge inventory of pre-forged blanks

Cardinal has expanded our hot forging and CNC machining capabilities ...